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DROPA Drogerie in Ebikon
DROPA Drogerie in Ebikon
DROPA Drogerie Apotheke
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DROPA Apotheke in Luzern DROPA Drogerie in Luzern LadenDROPA Apotheke in Ebikon

DROPA Drogerie Apotheke is a pharmacy and chemists’ shop that offers an extensive range of medications and several different services: whether you need a blood pressure measurement, wound care or any of a number of different vaccinations, our highly professional staff will provide you with the comprehensive, individual assistance you’re looking for. We also offer a wide range of alternative therapies and can prepare remedies to meet your specific needs. The sheer variety of the cosmetic products we have in stock means that we’ll be able to find the right care and make-up you need, whether for everyday life or special occasions.

Our motivated, qualified team is looking forward to answering any questions you might have concerning your health and well-being.

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