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Shopping mall: Closed |
Leisure building: today open until 11:30 pm


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The Intimissimi brand name belongs to Italy’s extremely successful Calzedonia S.p.A Group. The brand boasts an extensive global franchise network whose shops set the benchmark in a dynamic world of emotions, comfort and great stylish taste. Intimissimi has a rich and fruitful history. The brand has become the market leader in underwear in Europe since its creation in 1996. Intimissimi lingerie makes every woman’s everyday dreams come true. A simple yet refined style, without any hint of fatigue or aggression. The winning blend of high-quality products, romance and imagination has earned it a loyal customer base all over the world. The brand's collections offer an innovative natural look; an approach that is more subtle and receptive to modern needs. The extremely competitive quality/price ratio is combined with precise design and style research as well as the use of ultra-modern materials and fabrics for collections that anticipate tastes and trends.

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